Clam Shell Boxes

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A clam shell box is a convenient box where lid and bottom are part of the same structure. You may open the cover easily to reveal the contents. It's widely used in conservation and highly popular. Our boxes are made out of Acid Free Archival Boards where the we assure the preservation of contents. A tightly closing clamshell box is ideal for books, documents, graphic collections, paper scraps and newspaper collection. Smooth interior and exterior surfaces. When closed, the box has a double-walled spine and even four fold wall-thickness on three sides ensuring highest stability. 

The box can be made to order in thicknesses ranging from 0.7mm - 1.9mm. Size can be customized as per customer requirement.

All our archival grade boxes are made out of paperboard with below assured quality parameters:
  • 100 % bleached cellulose without the usage of recycling fibers
  • Kappa level 1 – 2 = lignin-free
  • pH 7.5 - 10.0 = acid-free (in accordance with ISO 6588-1:2012)
  • Alkaline buffer > 3 % natural calcium carbonate
  • Sizing: neutral/synthetic (without alum additive)
  • Sizing according to Cobb60 < 25
  • Without optical brightening agents
  • Light-fastness approx. 7 – 8 (= extremely good) in accordance with the wool scale (EN ISO 105-B02)
  • Photographic Activity Test (PAT) passed in accordance with ISO 18916:2007



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