Humidity & Temperature Data Logger

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Environment variable intensify the deterioration of archival documents and heritage objects. Temperate and Humidity plays a higher part in this. Therefore measuring them and taking remedial action is highly important for conservation institute. So, Temperature and humidity data logger is mainly used to record the temperature and humidity in controlled archival environment. This is to verify the optimum temperature & humidity is maintained at the depository. 

Features of our Data Logger :

Large LCD Display
2.8'' LCD screen with large numbers allows you to easily read temperature and humidity data, and view other key data information such as status, alarm, date and time.
10s to 24 hours interval for logging.

Multiple Over Limit Alarm
When the temperature and humidity exceed the limit, the data recorder will promptly sound and light alarm reminder to avoid any unnecessary loss.

Dual Sensor
Equipped with an external temperature sensor and a external temperature and humidity integrated sensor, the temperature accuracy can reach up to ±0.3 °C, each sensor is 2 meters long, and can support 3 kinds of temperature and humidity detection modes.

Large Capacity and Reusable
Reusable temperature and humidity recorder for up to 16,000 points of temperature and 16,000 points of humidity data.



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