Tylose Powder (Metyl cellulose)

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Metyl cellulose in the form of white powder. Neutral and reversible chemically. High viscosity in low concentration, highly resistant to biological degradation, non-toxic, stable pH. Stored in a dry atmosphere and at room temperature Tylose has a long shelf-life. Like paper, it absorbs water in moist air and gives off water in dry air. Totally transparent when dry. Its tack is less than starch paste, but it gives more flexibility and dries slower. Tylose can be mixed with starch paste to combine the flexibility of the first and the good tack of the second.

Pasting, laminating and lining using Japanese or European tissue papers. Pasting guards and hinges for mounting. Re-sizing agent to replace traditional gelatine-size. Mounting or repair in place of starch paste or in addition to starch paste. Surfactant agent: used as a viscid poultice to remove stains or water-soluble adhesives. Anti-flocculent agent in the paper pulp (for filling losses), Tylose helps to keep fibres separated in the water.



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